Nyla Watson

Upcoming Events

Nyla's first show in Cleveland in

5 years!

Stars and the Moon

@ Bop Stop

the date of  

February 14th, 2019

...with George Granville and friends

​"Nyla Watson, as Hattie, sings

“Another Opening, Another Show”

with verve, and her dancing in

“Too Darn Hot” is a joy to watch."

The Westfield News

Hattie, Kiss Me, Kate(2014)

"Watson, of powerful voice and imposing presence, controls the stage when she is belting!  She had some wonderful comic asides that added needed light moments to the heavy theme."


Narrator, Murder Ballad (2014)

Special Recognition:

Nyla also won 5th place at the

National Society of Arts and Letters'

NATIONAL Music Theater Competition in 2012!

"...I quite like that 

Audrey II is female 

in the Showboat’s production – voiced with moxie and

sung with amusing attitude

by Nyla Watson..."

Iowa's RC Reader:​

Audrey II, Little Shop of Horrors (2012)

Nyla's Reviews

"In a photo finish, the best performance may be

from Nyla Watson as the witch.

You can’t take your eyes off this woman and

her graceful movements and exquisite storytelling.

Iowa's QC TIMES:

The Witch, Into the Woods (2012)

"Nyla Watson has a beautiful face, deep, rich voice and

a personality to match. She is outstanding as Carlotta Campion,

a former showgirl turned TV star whose torch song,

“I’m Still Here,” is a tale of adaptation and survival."


Carlotta, Follies (2013)